Breakfast Buffet

CinammonandPecanBread1Cooked From Scratch – Breakfast Buffet Cardiff

The following are sample menus as examples only for a breakfast buffet – exact content & cost will depend on seasonality & your particular requirements.  I will work with you to ensure the menu is the right one for your needs.  Dietary requirements & special requests catered for.

Scroll down for options ranging from homemade bacon rolls to a full breakfast buffet and healthy options.


Bacon rolls (£2.25 per head)

Our bacon rolls are made with homemade seeded & white rolls and high quality, outdoor bred British bacon.

Selection of Cooked From Scratch Danish pastries and/or croissants (£3.75 per head)

These are not bought in pastries – as with everything else they are 100% cooked from scratch.

Bacon rolls & Danish pastries/croissants (£4.75 per head)


Selection of bacon and sausage breakfast rolls (£2.75 per head)

Homemade rolls, outdoor bred British bacon & free range British sausages  – my homemade chutney is included in the sausage rolls.

Breakfast Buffet (£6.00 per head) – part of the menu below can be provided at a reduced cost.

  • Homemade seeded brown & white rolls filled with outdoor bred, British bacon
  • Outdoor bred, British sausage & homemade chutney in a homemade French stick
  • Homemade savoury breakfast buns e.g. sun-dried tomato & Cheddar (v)
  • Homemade sweet breakfast buns e.g. apricot, cinnamon & pecan (v)
  • Homemade breakfast muffins (v)
  • Homemade breakfast loaf (fruit bread/malt loaf/banana & walnut loaf – choose one) (v)
  • Seasonal fruit selection (v) (GF)

Tea, coffee, juices & water available separately

Gluten free options can be provided if required, just ask

Breakfast Buffet + Granola (£7.00 per head)

As the breakfast buffet above, with the addition of homemade, healthy granola & natural yoghurt/milk.

Tea, coffee, juices & water available separately.

Breakfast Buffet – Healthy Options (£7.00 per head with breads, £6.50 per head without)

  • Homemade healthy granola with natural yoghurt/milk (v)
  • Homemade muesli with natural yoghurt/milk (v)
  • Free range egg frittata ‘muffin’ selection – meat & vegetarian e.g. bacon & tomato, feta & avocado (GF)
  • Mixed nuts & seeds, honey, maple syrup (v) (GF)
  • Homemade breakfast muffins and/or homemade gluten free blueberry muffins (v)
  • Homemade healthy banana & walnut loaf (v)
  • Seasonal fruit selection/fruit salad (v) (GF)
  • Homemade roll & bread selection with butter, homemade jam/marmalade (optional) (v)

Tea, coffee, juices & water available separately

Organic versions of the buffets can be supplied at an extra cost – please enquire