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Cooked From Scratch Healthy Eating Plan Launched!

It’s that time of year again – January.  Everyone makes resolutions to eat healthily or simply wants to shed some of the excess pounds they put on over Christmas.

healthy granolaWell, Cooked From Scratch can help.  We have just launched a Healthy Eating Package.  It is not a healthy eating plan, but simply enables you to choose breakfast, soup lunches and main meal options, safe in the knowledge they are healthy meals, cooked from scratch and only containing real ingredients – not low fat substitutions, replacement ingredients etc.

If you choose to eat from the package for your 3 daily meals, adding extra healthy items, such as a small bread roll with the soups, natural yoghurt with the granola and simply snack on things like fresh fruit and natural nuts, you will not only feel better, but are likely to lose a few pounds too.

We are hoping this will get you onto the right track of eating real, healthy meals as part of your healthy lifestyle and not as part of a strict diet regime or something that is going to make you feel deprived.prawn jalfrezi

You can choose a package for one or two people to last you 5 days.  Choose 1 of the 3 breakfast options + 5 soups + either a healthy meal box or choose 5 separate meals from the options available.

Full details can be found under the Ready Meals pages – Meal Boxes & Packages