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Now open for homemade gourmet ready meals – Cardiff & South Wales

SpinachRiccottaPasta3Wouldn’t it be great to have a homemade gourmet ready meal every night – made from nothing but the best ingredients – and everything cooked from scratch? Now you can.

We offer a fill your freezer and local home delivery service for homemade gourmet ready meals in the local South Wales area.  You can order a full ‘fill your freezer’ service or just order a few gourmet ready meals for those nights when you know you haven’t got time to cook yourself.

You can order seasonal, Cooked From Scratch gourmet ready meals to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge they contain only high quality ingredients and no hidden nasties. They contain natural ingredients you would find in your own kitchen and not in a mass manufacturing environment.

Why Gourmet Ready Meals? –

All our meals are cooked from scratch, using the best ingredients.  They are not mass-produced in a factory, using the cheapest ingredients possible and/or replacement items instead of ‘real food’.  You will not find additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, deglycerides or any other dubious names against the ingredients listings for our products.  We use lots of organic ingredients (even in the standard dishes).  You can choose to purchase organic gourmet ready meals, where as many ingredients as possible (usually all) are organic (not just the meat).  Even our standard dishes will contain free range eggs, free range poultry, outdoor bred pork etc. 

As part of our Homemade Gourmet Ready Meals service, we operate a Rewards Programme – see here for further details http://cookedfromscratch.co.uk/rewards-programme/

How do you order homemade gourmet ready meals?

You can select homemade gourmet ready meals from those on offer in the various categories, add them to your cart & pay at the checkout.  We will contact you via telephone or email to arrange delivery convenient to both parties.

Alternatively, make your choice & simply email or telephone with your order – contact us.

If there is a homemade gourmet ready meal you’d like to order, but can’t see, then please just contact us.

How much notice do you need to give for orders?

We are not a takeaway service or fast-food outlet.  All the homemade gourmet ready meals are cooked from scratch & to order, so we require at least 48 hours notice in order to ensure we have the correct ingredients & time to make your gourmet ready meal to the highest standard possible.  For example, for a Thursday delivery we would need to receive the order on the prior Monday or Tuesday.  But, the size of the order and orders we already have in will have a bearing on when we can do it.  If you have a fairly large order, we would advise 5 to 7 days, but we will always try our utmost to fulfil your order sooner if we can.

How do you pay?

You can pay at the checkout when placing the order, or if you order via telephone or email, you can pay via BACS or cash on delivery.  BACS details will be given in the invoice.

What about delivery charges?

Delivery is free within 12 miles (not 12 mile radius) of the business premises with a minimum order value of £15.  In order to check whether you qualify for free delivery, the postcode is CF39 8JL.

Delivery charges for over 12 miles will vary depending on the monetary value of the order – agreed with the customer when placing the order.

When do we deliver?

Delivery options will be discussed when you place the order – if the homemade gourmet ready meal service takes off it is likely we will change to covering certain areas on specific days/times.  To begin with we will work with you to get your gourmet ready meals delivered when convenient to both parties.

Can you order for delivery to the workplace?

Yes – in fact, if there are a number of you at the same premises, who wish to order gourmet ready meals then we can deliver to all of you at the same time.

Can you place a regular order?

Yes, by all means.  If you know there are homemade gourmet ready meals you wish to order on a regular basis & on a certain day, we can set up an ongoing order for you.  If you take out a regular subscription, you will qualify for our rewards programme (see above) and also for our ‘get your 4th box free’ offer.

What if you have specific dietary requirements?

Please just let us know when you order.  The gourmet ready meals will indicate whether or not they are e.g. gluten free, but please bring anything to our attention that you think is important.  For example, we have a couple of customers who are allergic to onions – we are able to adjust dishes to suit their needs.

Will the gourmet ready meals on the website always be the same?

No, we aim to change the gourmet ready meals on a regular basis according to the seasons.  If there are gourmet ready meals that prove very popular then it’s likely these will stay, but there will be regular changes otherwise.  If a gourmet ready meal is no longer on the website, but you still wish to order, then please just let us know.

We welcome suggestions & feedback on the service.