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Now open for homemade gourmet ready meals subscription service – Cardiff & South Wales

SpinachRiccottaPasta3Wouldn’t it be great to have a homemade gourmet ready meal every night – made from nothing but the best ingredients – and everything cooked from scratch? Now you can.

We offer a subscription based, fill your freezer and home delivery service for homemade gourmet ready meals in the local South Wales area.  

Please note – this is a subscription based service only.  If you wish to order meals on a one-off basis, please contact us to discuss your requirements.  The minimum order for a subscription is £40 per delivery.

You can order seasonal, Cooked From Scratch gourmet ready meals to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge they contain only high quality ingredients and no hidden nasties. They contain natural ingredients you would find in your own kitchen and not in a mass manufacturing environment.

Why Gourmet Ready Meals? –

All our meals are cooked from scratch, using the best ingredients.  They are not mass-produced in a factory, using the cheapest ingredients possible and/or replacement items instead of ‘real food’.  You will not find additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, deglycerides or any other dubious names against the ingredients listings for our products.  We offer 100% organic dishes if required.  Our standard dishes will contain free range eggs, free range poultry, outdoor bred pork etc. 

How do you order homemade gourmet ready meals?

This is a subscription service, so you simply select the meal box or boxes you require, make your meal choices for that particular box, select your subscription delivery frequency and submit your order.  You can pay for each order as they are delivered (you will be invoiced) or set up a standing order.  

How much notice do you need to give for orders?

Once your subscription is set up, we will contact you to arrange the details of your deliveries e.g. a monthly delivery 2nd week of the month.  Should you need to skip a delivery, simply drop us an email.

How do you cancel the subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, although at least one week’s notice needs to be given, prior to your next delivery.

What about delivery charges?

Delivery is free within 15 miles (not 15 mile radius) of the business premises with a minimum order value of £40.  In order to check whether you qualify for free delivery, the postcode is CF39 8JL.

Delivery charges for over 15 miles will vary depending on the monetary value of the order – agreed with the customer when placing the order.

When do we deliver?

Delivery is agreed between Cooked From Scratch and the customer, at a time convenient for both parties.

Can you order for delivery to the workplace?

Yes – in fact, if there are a number of you at the same premises, who wish to order gourmet ready meals then we can deliver to all of you at the same time.

Are there any subscription offers?

Yes – if you place a subscription order, you will receive your 4th box free.

What if you have specific dietary requirements?

Please just let us know when you order.  The gourmet ready meals will indicate whether or not they are e.g. gluten free, but please bring anything to our attention that you think is important.  For example, we have a couple of customers who are allergic to onions – we are able to adjust dishes to suit their needs.

Can I change my meal choices or will they always be the same?

If you want to change some of your subscribed meal choices, just contact us to let us know.  However, any changes need to be notified to us at least a week before your next delivery.

Meal Boxes.

We welcome suggestions & feedback on the service.

 Terms and Conditions:

1.       Only one Cooked from Scratch free meal box per person is allowed at any point in time.

2.       Only one Cooked from Scratch free meal box at a time is allowed per household at any point in time.

3.       Redemption on orders will be given at the time of delivery. Minimum order of £40 per order for all qualifying meal boxes.

4.       Subscriptions can be weekly, 2-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly only.

5.       Cooked from Scratch subscription offer applies to meal boxes only.

6.       Cooked From Scratch subscription offer does not work in conjunction with any other promotion run by Cooked From Scratch.

7.     The free subscription box will be the standard box subscribed to.

8.     Upon receipt of the free subscription box, the customer cannot cancel in order to take out a new subscription.

9.   If the customer cancels the subscription before the 4th order, they will  not receive the free box.

10.   The customer may cancel their subscription order at any time – however, one week’s notice of cancellation is required before the delivery date of their next box, otherwise the box will be delivered and charged for as normal.

11.   During the subscription period, the contents of the meal box will remain the same, unless otherwise agreed between the customer and Cooked From Scratch.