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FODMap (IBS) Diet Accommodated!

As you know, Cooked From Scratch means just that.  As a result, recipes and ingredients can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer, if needed.  We have adjusted meals and recipes for customers in the past who have allergies or intolerances to certain foods.

We have recently begun working with a customer who has been advised by her doctor, to follow the FODMap diet.  This is specific for IBS sufferers and is a quite complicated diet to follow, especially if you are also cooking for a family, or perhaps don’t have much experience in the kitchen.  Trying to find products in the supermarket that meet the requirements is nigh on impossible.  FODMap Diet.

So, Cooked From Scratch to the rescue – our recipes can be adjusted to meet the FODMap requirements.

If you need to follow this diet, just get in touch & we will work with you to make sure we supply you with what you need.