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Organic or Not Organic? That is the Question….

Anyone that knows me will testify how fanatical I am about eating great quality food that’s been cooked from scratch.  No nasty, processed food in my kitchen!

processed foodsI also use a lot of organic ingredients and find myself moving more and more to sourcing organic for everything.  The more I read* about what goes in our food – even what we perceive to be natural – the more I worry and find myself purchasing everything organic e.g. nuts, seeds, dried fruit, herbs, spices, fruit, veggies, tomato puree, flour etc.  I’ve been buying organic meat and dairy for a long time and people who purchase my meals will have noticed there is a mix of organic and non-organic ingredients listed.

And there lies the question?  As a business, do I move to all organic?  Would people be willing to pay for organic, because unfortunately, the cost of organic ingredients can be very expensive compared to non-organic?

organic chicken#

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time – at the moment someone may purchase a meal from me that contains organic meat and dairy, but the rest of the ingredients may be non-organic.  Do they appreciate the organic ingredients being there?  Would they prefer all organic?  Or doesn’t it bother them – is the inclusion of organic ingredients just a bonus they’re not bothered about?


Then, I came to the conclusion that instead of a mish mash of organic and non-organic I should give people the choice.  I won’t be comprising my principles as everything is still cooked from scratch and I will still source high quality ingredients e.g. I would never, ever buy the really cheap, mass produced chicken, it would still be free-range at the very least.    organic dairy

So, that’s what I’m going to do – over the coming months prices will change on the website and customers will be given the choice.  Prices will have to change to reflect the higher costs of organic only products, but people will have the choice of whether to pay those prices or not.  It won’t happen overnight – there are a lot of products to change and it takes time, but it will happen.

In the meantime, if organic is important to a customer they simply have to let me know and we can take it from there.

* If anyone is interested in my concerns relating to eating organic, then I highly recommend reading ‘Swallow This’ by Joanna Blythman (and anything else she’s written come to that).

Swallow This